Category Flowers

Each week I will talk about a different flower.

The Importance of funeral flowers during difficult times

At our florist, we offer a range of affordable options for funeral flowers, understanding that every individual’s financial situation is unique. From simple yet elegant bouquets to customized floral arrangements, we work closely with our clients to create a meaningful…

Cats and Flowers

dartford florist with kitten

Do you know which flowers are dangerous to kitties? having had cats all my life I dont totally agree with what the experts say and especially when it comes to lilies. I simply take the stamens out. As soon as…

Weddings on a Budget

White rose flower bouquet or wedding posy dartford florist

We all know the pandemic has had an affect on each and every one of us. some financially, some mentally and some physically, in all walks of life there will be different stories to tell during the pandemic. There were…


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