Choosing flowers for a funeral can be tricky and many people become anxious at the thought of getting it wrong. The following is our guide to commonly chosen floral tributes:

flowers kim e fleurs

Funeral Sprays

These elegant arrangements, also known as coffin tributes, can be single or double ended and are traditionally placed on top of the casket. For this reason, sprays are normally chosen by a spouse or immediate family member.


Traditionally round in shape, funeral wreaths can be placed on top of the casket but can also be sent by friends, family and acquaintances to be placed on display at the church or crematorium.

flowers kim e fleurs
flowers kim e fleurs


Sheaves are a naturally beautiful and more affordable alternative to a spray and can be placed either on the casket or at the altar during the service.


These simple but pretty arrangements can be used as simple tributes at the altar during a service or can be sent by friends and family.

flowers kim e fleurs
funeral flower arrangements kim e fleurs

Funeral Crosses

For a religious ceremony, the family or spouse of the loved one may choose an arrangement in the shape of a cross to underline the deceased’s faith.

Special Tributes

In some cases, a spouse or family member may choose to design a bespoke tribute to honour their loved one; for example, a photographic tribute or a lasting memorial.

flowers kim e fleurs

In most cases, all funeral flowers should be delivered to the allocated funeral director who will then ensure that all floral tributes are delivered together. Floral tributes should be delivered to the funeral director on the morning of the funeral or the day before.


While there are no hard or fast rules for the colour of flowers to be used for a funeral, white is traditionally used – particularly lilies.  Other colours also have symbolism for a funeral, including:

  • Red – Love and respect
  • Pink – Admiration
  • Purple – Reverence

One of the most commonly asked questions is ‘what do I write in a funeral flower card?’ The card to accompany your flowers should be addressed to the deceased, rather than his or her spouse or family and should contain a heartfelt message. For example, ‘Dear Jack, I’ll always have fond memories of our time together and you will be forever missed’.
While funeral flowers are very much a personal choice, this guide is designed to help you to navigate what can sometimes be a confusing task at a difficult time.

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