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Weddings on a Budget

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We all know the pandemic has had an affect on each and every one of us. some financially, some mentally and some physically, in all walks of life there will be different stories to tell during the pandemic. There were many a bride and groom that had their BIG day ruined and Im sure re-booked and then had to re-schedule once again. Im sure the stress of planning a wedding is huge, Im unsure as I have never been married. Having said that, I have arranged many wedding flowers and know how stressful that part alone can be. I do hope all of you lovely bride and grooms have managed to re-schedule your wedding day and have the happiest day you can. Remember the pandemic may have financially “impacted you” but believe me with an experienced florist there are still some beautiful flowers/displays/arrangements that are possible even on the smallest of budgets. Choose your florist well, that could even be me, I am full of inspiration and ideas and I love a challenge when it comes to making the best for less. Sending hugs and best wishes to you all, Kim

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